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302 2nd Street

Cliffside Park, NJ 07010

Tel: 201-945-0649

Sharing and Caring for Others

For every seat occupied paint and sip Friday Night, $3 will be donated to the Bergen County Protect & Rescue organization. These donations will help buy dog food , cover medical expenses, and accommodate needs to save and nurture the animals of Bergen County.


Why BCP&R?

I and the staff of Bees Creative Art Studio have a huge heart for animals. Many of us are proud owners of pets and also regularly volunteer at the BergenCounty Protect & Rescue No Kill Animal Shelter.

We would love for all the animals to find a loving home and family. But before that, BCP & R needs help to ensure the health, safety, and care of each animal.

We also welcome any other donations. Thank you!

~The Staff of Bees Creative Art Studio

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