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About Us


strives to foster imagination and creativity in our studio by helping students create beautiful art. Whether you’re coming in to spend the day or to truly exploit your talent, you’ll find a blank canvas awaiting you. We opened our doors in March 2017 and have been creating art and forming artists since.

About the Founder

Angkana (Bee) Dellith always had an eye for art and design. She has had many experiences in all different kinds of businesses but her passion lies in creating masterpieces. She has continued to pursue her education for art at prestigious universities such as New York University, The Fashion Institute of Technology, and Kean University. She has proven that she is more than qualified by receiving her Masters in Fine Art Education and showcasing her work in galleries located in the NY/NJ area. Opening Bee’s Creative Studio is the perfect way to share, teach, and showcase old and new artists.

She also loves animals and is a mother of Four dogs. Lastly she is a baker! She even attended a cake academy!

Our Vision


we understand the importance of support in an artist’s life. Our community serves as an educational branch and support system for all artists who visit our Art Studio by being a special place where their creative juices can flow freely. We’re dedicated to our artists, and we provide them with the appropriate training and tools they need to succeed. It’s our mission to ensure that the arts remain strong, and to offer classes to students of all levels - introducing newcomers to art and creativity, and refining the techniques of even the most veteran artists. We believe everything in life is art.

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