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Meet Our Artists!

Camila Hernandez

Camila Hernandez has worked with kids for numerous years. She has brought her love for teaching into the art classroom. Camila focuses primarily in clay crafts. In her earlier career, she was able to learn and develop skills for the craft. Her leadership, patience and friendliness has made her classes enjoyable for all who come.

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Adem Gjonbalaj

Adem Gjonbalaj, a student at The Cooper Union studying fine arts, specializes in drawing a sculpting. Interested in master artists from a young age, Adem has intensively studied classical approaches to creating realistic art. With understandings in comlex topics such as anatomy, lighting, forms etc, Adem now wants to pass his training down the line to children. 


Tina Munson

Tina Munson, M.A.m A.T.R., is an art teacher and art therapist with more than 30 years of experience. She has and undergraduate degree in Fine Arts, and a Masters in Art Education and Art Therapy. Her special interests are watercolor, fiber arts, and beawork.

Renee Hunt

 Renee Hunt is a recent graduate from Andrews University with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts. She has been painting for seven years. Her most popular subjects include figures and portraits. Her current work deals with using paint to create a physical presence in contrast to digital presence of photographs. Renee lives in Teaneck, New Jersey and intends to use her creativity as social therapy. 


Ita Rodriguez

Ita Rodriguez has years of experience teaching art to young children. Her love of art and her enthusiasm for working with children make her classes as fun as they are educational. Ita's focus is on arts and crafts projects. Her young students learn the rudiments of important artistic concepts such as color and composition as well as spanish language for those that are interested. 

Alexa M. Ramirez

Young Hispanic Artist Alexa M. Ramirez, finds inspiration from her New Jersey neighborhood. She is started with sketch drawings but is always experimenting with different mediums including digital media and animation.

Sandro Guerra

Sandro Guerra is a Cuban painter and studied Art at the Altos de Chavón School of Art and design in the Dominican Republic. Upon graduation he received a full scholarship to finish a Bachelor's Degree at Parsons School of Design in the City of New York. Guerra also studied independently with modern masters Lennart Anderson, and Nelson Shanks at Brooklyn College, The Art Students League, and Studio Incaminnatti.

Jazmin Andrade

Jazmin Andrade is an emerging artist and aspiring Architect, who works in many different mediums but primarily with charcoal and acrylic paint. Although as of lately has been shifting the focus on exploration of structured and unstructured shapes which has been influenced by her passion of architecture. Her work brings together visual references and personal precedents. 

Esteban Vanleuvan

Esteban, aka Remiks, has devoted his time and energy to the art and culture of graffiti. Although he is recognized for his illicit work under a different pseudonym he spends more time creating canvases and murals and participating in graffiti events in and out of NYC. As a member of 5 Pointz Creates, a collective group of artists encompassing all the elements of hip-hop and graffiti culture, he has participated in numerous public art projects and corporate sponsored events. 

Carolyn Baldino

Carolyn has been a public school teacher for 15 years. Carolyn loves to paint and draw and often incorporates art in her lessons in the public school.  She also has a certificate from Jack Canfield’s Self Esteem Seminars to teach self-esteem to children.  Lastly, she has been certified to counsel kids in the after school counseling program.

Sophia Lafi

Sophia has always had a passion for the arts. Her work has been showcased in art shows and also studies different forms of art such as Theater as well. She finds happiness in art and looks forward to sharing her happiness.

Jay Golding

Jay specializes in portraiture, figure drawings, pianitngs, and illustrations. He considers himself to be an artist that expends to all different kinds of arts such as music, writing, and even storytelling such as poetry. Jay's inspiration and focus comes from people, their environment, and nature.

Carol Masi

Portraits provide the main focus of Carol's work. Recent prints include iconic portraits influenced by ancient Greek, European and Middle eastern cultures.

For several years, she has been enthralled with the infinite possibilities of the mono print. She believes it is an intriguing discipline for its spontaneity and the open free quality it offers.

Chun Park

Chunbum Park, also known as Chun, is a student artist from South Korea. He graduated from Montgomery Bell Academy in 2009 and briefly attended Rhode Island School of Design in 2011.  In recent years he has studied with Mary Beth Mckenzie at the Art Students League of NY.

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